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Being sensible is when I get up because I hear an odd noise and I womanfully resist the temptation to open up Discount Armageddon and stay up until dawn reading.

I HATE being sensible.

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Wave 2011 out the door.

We had a no-notice 'somebody needs to drive this part out to Hospital X' call for Himself turn into 'how fast can you pack and get the dog boarded and find us a room?'.

The answers are 30 minutes but that included packing food, locating the Doctor Who seasons we are watching and getting the wee little doggie's toys and food and leash ect together so she could be picked up. Finding a room on Dec 30th for the weekend including NYE was a tad tricky until Mike recalled a spot we've stayed before. Called, they had a better room than we had last time for less than the posted online rate.

Drive to hospital, pick up part needed in a machine out at the coast.Pack our stuff into the car. Jean came and got Molly. Off to the coast. Deliver a part, off to hotel and a grocery. Lay around, snacking on cheeses and crackers and such. Watch an especially nice sunset on the water. Watch a LOT of Doctor Who. Fall asleep early, lulled by the surf.

Saturday, coffee, last minute grocery stop, run into levis store for 2 more pairs of the cut that fits me and which I fear is being discontinued. Back to room, make dirty rice because NYE is cajun food, y'all. It's like a law among my people.Green salads, dirty rice, cookies for dessert, pop open the rum and re-start the Who=fest.Today, up and packed and out of the room with plenty of time to spare so we gassed up, and went wandering. I'll try to do a preliminary sort on the 750+ pictures and get them up tomorrow. WE went to Devils Chuurn and Cook's chasm and the day was very fine. We both enjoy those just wandering times together.

I have @ 4 more rows of boring body stitching to do on my circular shrug before I can increase madly then do 8 inches of dead boring ribbing then it's a quick stitching of two seams I am am DONE. Which means I can put won the needles pick up the hooks and do the steampunk motifs I want to design for my hat for Norwescon.

G'night, all y'all. Hope the coming year brings you just enough of just what you most need.

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1) Evidently cats approve of my Ultra Alpaca shawl, finished over the weekend- Himself found the cat asleep in the hall outside our bedroom door this morning in a cozy little nest of frost grey shawl.

A cozy frost grey shawl I had left in the top of a bag of knitting (I'm currently making a circular shrug) in the chair in front of my desk. So he went to no small amount of trouble to wrestle it out of a bag and into the hall- it's @ 32 inches across so even if it's all light and cozy it's not exactly of a size/shape for a cat to move easily.

2) The circular shrug is @ half done and I am taking it on faith that the nice person who put it up on Ravelry isn't having me on and that some seaming will make this odd shape into a circular shrug. The frosty grey shawl is a take of the stay put shawl (Ravelry is the source of so many ideas, ya'll.)

3) As if I didn't have enough projects in my mental to-do list I have gone and gotten the stuff to make some embellishments for my con-wear. Not yarn and needles for this one it will be fine thread, teeny crochet hook and I probably need to figure out a set up for starching and blocking.

4) We have spent the holidays indulging in a Doctor Who festival. "Lots of planets have a North!"I'd have paid good money to see River Song and the Ninth Doctor- fireworks would be the least of it. We did go out one night and see Sherlock 2, need to look at it again and see how i feel about it

5) WE are in our first serious rain event of the season and Molly would like to register an official complaint about the whole having to squat in the wet grass because my water retriever dog doesn't care to put her finicky princess butt in wet grass. She's also not very interested in walks right now because rain. Feel free to laugh, I am aware of how ridiculous this all is.

6)So far we have Norwescon, Westercon, & Orycon in our sights, Steamcon is being seriously discussed as well. If you'll be at any of those gimme a heads up here in comments and we'll see what we can do about making a face to face happen, possibly with food in or tasty adult beverages. Con-going is one of the things I have missed terribly about leaving the South- we usually did 5-9 a year.

I've been quiet but I have been reading. I know some of you are having a hard time for various reasons. My email box is always open and we don't have to have spent f2f time for that offer to be valid. This year has left so many people I hold dear battered and barely holding on. If a friendly ear and some (possibly profane) expressions of support would help just let me know.

s a o b a at a o l dot com (This is my oldest currently active email address, I've had it nearly 20 years and it's the one I am most likely to give's my findable address, and that is why I keep it.)

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Cookiepalooza baking frenzy held, hosted by irismoonlight and attended by myself, kightp and approximately twelve metric tons of butter, sugars, eggs, flour, spices, nuts, dried fruits and other implements of baking as a mass-attack.

It was a lot of fun. It was a hella lot of cookies.

Himself was away for the two weeks immediately following Thanksgiving for work training. We managed. We hated it because we are old and stodgy and set in our ways enough after twenty plus years to make extended time apart suck mightily.

To make up for the two weeks of suckage, once Himself was home I went with him to the coast for work, so we had time by the Ocean together and it was very fine.

All, I repeat ALL of our holiday shopping is done and dusted. Also wrapped and shipped (where this applies). No tree as the cat would kill it and the dog would then eat it. On the actual day we plan to settle in with yummy noshes, put in the first disk of the first season of the Ninth Doctor and wallow in geeky happiness. We have the first season of the Tenth Doctor was well. Hurrah, there shall be square eyeballs from staring at the screen by the time we surface from our viewing marathon.

Reading with the Nook has made it more likely I will have a book with me if I am out somewhere and end up waiting. I've started up knitting a bit in the evenings again, I have some vague ideas of things I want to sew or have sewn for me for our next round of con-going and the runup to the show I am ADing this year will begin in the spring.

I confess to having fallen into the clutches of the BBC and am now hooked on Luther, Whitechapel and State of Play. On Demand has abetted this.

This, by any reasonable counting scheme, more than five things and therefore a post.

Hello everyone. Hope you are celebrating the winter holiday of your choice in the way that pleases you best.

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For those who can use a hint of happiness today.

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Originally posted by gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment

Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

- Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.

- If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.

- You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.

- Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

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This will contain no big spoilers, will not debate pairings, will not enter into the books vs movies discussion. In some ways this post will hardly be about Deathly Hallows Pt 2 or Harry Potter at all. Except when it is.

You'll see. Read more...Collapse )

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I have just whiled away my evening writing and re-writing and re-re-writing a email complaint to a company in reference to the contents of their most recent email. (name of company to be withheld until I have some sort of response from them, then we see where I go from there.)

I actually even ended up re-re-re-writing the damn thing to TAKE OUT ALL THE SWEARWORDS like a motherfucking adult because it's hardly fair to swear at the poor sap reading customer email. Sap is highly unlikely to be the person who wrote teh ad copy of dumb. But sweet sliding jeesus on a stripper pole, kids, it really was bad. The Stompy Boots of Ass Kickery may yet be needed.

It wasn't the products on offer that were the issue, nor the prices of same that kicked me into full Someone Is Wrong In My Internet Inbox. It was the frame, the fable, the conceit they used to try to convince their customers about these products.

I'm being vague here because I want to give them a chance to respond before I go into too much detail. I will leave you with just this two word teaser- and yes, it's part of the copy I found so problematic I wrote four drafts before I had one I felt like I could send to the company. Brothel Chic.

Seriously. I open an email and that's the line the company chose to take to try to entice me to buy their products. A respectable non-porn company, look you.

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There was a travelling exhibit of the Vietnam Memorial, and one year it came to Nashville.

A Vietnam vet, one of my dearest friends, wanted to go see it. No, that's not the right word. He needed to go see it and he didn't want to and it was all tangled in his head. So we said we'd go with him.

This is not about his day at the Wall. That's not my story to tell.

At the approach to the Wall there were tents. One had a group of Vietnam vets who had come out to be there for their fellows. The other had a group of volunteers who had stacks of paper and charcoal for people to take to make rubbings of the names of their soldiers. They had these huge directories because the names are not on the Wall in alphabetical order. Someone would walk up and give the name of their soldier and the volunteers would flip through the directory. Panel Thus and Such they'd say and add turn left, it's about three panels from the center.

I had seen this guy in the parking lot. So many vets had come in groups or with their families- wearing hats with unit patches or jackets with their time in country embroidered under their names. He was alone. He stood in the parking lot and smoked and got himself pulled together and got into line. He broke and got out of line twice and someone came out of the tent full of vets to check on him.

He talked about his friend, the kid he'd helped load into the med evac chopper and known, just known he'd lost his buddy forever. He talked about going through the rest of his tour in a fog, about going home and going on with his life and feeling like he'd gotten some undeserved gift. By the time he finished talking they were at the front of the line. He wiped his eyes and gave his friend's name and rank and date of service in a soft, shaky voice.

The volunteer turned pages. Checked the spelling. Confirmed the date- which he knew by heart, believe me.

The volunteer looked through the directory again. Looked up and said gently "His name isn't here."

The guy really didn't understand, you could see it in his confused expression. He asked if they minded if he walked the whole Wall, he'd find it himself. The man who had come out of the vet's tent put a hand on his shoulder.

"If he was med evaced and didn't make it his name would be on the Wall. And every name on the Wall in DC is on this model. His name isn't here."

He started to cry. Other vets came, some from the tent, some from out of the line. They gathered around him, shielded him from prying eyes. "We'll find him," they kept saying, "We'll find the unit records, the hospital records, there's a trail somewhere. We'll find him." They pressed cards on him, names of veteran assistance groups, their own phone numbers. They pulled him toward the veterans tent, offered him coffee, asked if there was someone they could call.

And I went and looked at the Wall.

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Once upon a time, my sweetlings, there was no urban fantasy. Fantasy was epic or it was thud and blunder swords and sorcery and it was not just long ago but far away. Fairy tales were for kiddies and folk lore was for obscure academics.

It kind of sucked, actually.

In 1986 I came across a book with a cover unlike anything I had ever seen before and the blurb said "Between the elflands and the world there is a place where magic runs amok." Dude, sign me up.

That was Borderland and I have no idea how many copies of it I loaned or gave away over the years because I stopped counting at eleven.

More books followed over the next decade and a bit. I bought and cherished and loaned and gave those away too.

Then, you know, people moved on to other projects. SF publishing moved on or along or something. The Border closed. I followed the writers I'd first discovered in Bordertown and read some almighty good stuff. I stopped loaning out my copies and started looking for the familiar covers in used bookstores. Whenever I found one I'd buy it and I'd pass it along, keeping the spark alive in a little way. At cons, sometimes, someone would reference Bordertown and you could tell the ones who had read the books by the wistful smiles.

Music. Magic. Motorcycles. Elves. True love. Friendships so deep they save lives. Derring do. Consequences. Riddles. Can you be homesick for a place you've never been?


The new anthology is out, today, right now.

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Time: Around mid-day and mid-week

Location: Out and about in the car, stopped at a traffic light

Me: Is it just me?

Himself: Not usually.

Me: They put that sign up every year.

Himself: Fort Noel.

Me: And SO not a fort.

Himself: False advertising.

Me: Exactly! There's no machine gun nest. No guard towers, And the walls...

Himself: The walls are crap. They couldn't hold off a troup of Brownies. And no moat? No barbed wire?

Me: Honestly, it's like they aren't even trying.

By now we have pulled into the grocery store parking lot and are both looking at the Fort Noel Christmas tree lot.

Himself: Oh look. You have to leave the fort to use the portajohn. And the generator is outside the fort too.

Me: What are they teaching these days?


Himself: Anyway, no, sweetie. It's not just you.

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Scene: Rainy Oregon winter afternoon- school up the block has let out and various combinations of parents/kids on the sidewalks. Crosswalk directly in front of house, lights flashing.

Neo-hippy bearded father pushing a stroller. Stroller contains an infant so swaddled up only one defiant mittened hand waving around indicates the stroller is not being used to carry a load of laundry. Two medium-small boys, dressed in coats and such, running pell-mell and being called back repeatedly.

Father: Come back here, I said!

Boy 1: Hurry hurry!

Boy 2: They'll catch us!

Boy 1: I want to beat them home! Hurry up!

Father: (gestures at stroller) I am going as fast as I can.

Boy 1: What if it was zombies chasing us? You'd have to go faster or-

Father: (firmly) It is not zombies.

Boy 2: But if it were-

Father: We are not talking about this, okay?

Boys exhange a look that suggests come the zombie rising it is every family member for himself.

Boy 1: I guess you could carry him.

Boy 2: If you ran extra fast.

Unearthly noises erupt in the hedge.

Boy 1 and Boy 2: o_0

Father: Cats. It's just some cats.

Boy 1 and Boy 2: o_O

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Looked down at the caller ID and knew that whatever it was, it wasn't good news.

A friend, a sister of my heart, survived being diagnosed with a very aggressive leukemia about 10 years back.
They declared her cured after almost 5 years and I went home and I curled up in the bed and I wept for hours.
Wept out the years of worry.

Her health was never good after the chemo.

Gone, pulmonary issues. Died suddenly at home surrounded by her family. I am somewhere between shocked grief and an anger I kmow perfectly well is unreasonable. Survived by her devoted husband and two lovely children.

My laughing darling, my personal bench mark for coping with grace, Gone.

I'm thinking that I may just go ahead and take the box of tissues when I go in to sleep. My Ivy is gone. How is that possible?

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Via cpolk

Yarn. Cashmere yarn. Mink/cashmere yarn. YAK.

Seriously. I'll be in my bunk.

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Sometimes I despair of my own lack of clew.

After a longish stretch of 'sweet sliding Jesus on a stripper pole I feel awful' and the resulting appointments/meds/change lobsters and dance I actually felt kind of not-so-awful yesterday. I had an appetite. And a little energy. Huzzah.

Naturally I decided to

1) Take the dog for a walk all the way around the block*

2) Do some grocery shopping**

3) Cook a simple meal ***

4) Do a couple of loads of laundry and a sink or so of dishes ****

Yeah, I overestimated my level of recovery and today I am limp like dishrag.

* The little dog has had plenty of outs of the necessary nature and walks with Himself. But she is a high energy dog who loves our rambles and there haven't been rambles in a while and she has been pining for the fjiords. Compared to our usual 3 to 5 miles a day around the block was as nothing. Except not.

** Himself has of course been bringing stuff as needed. But cabin fever does set in and I haven't been further from the house than my doctor's office in nearly 3 weeks now.

*** I wanted food. That was hot and not boughten and not previously frozen and not made by someone else. Dammit. Also, I was actually hungry and not just eating to cushion against a dose of medication.

**** Bored. BORED. If I were Sherlock there'd be bullets flying bored. Instead there were dishes and laundry and a sense of having done something other than stare into space.*****

***** Which, duh. There already had been. There are, in fact, about three activities too many on this list for my present level of health.

I am not normally this dumb. Really.

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So, we went to Strowler Nights the last weekend of October, which was a blast. I came home, thinking I was just tired out then thinking no, maybe I am coming down with something.

So I rested and took my vitamins and alla that. And the cold or whatever it was lurked around the outskirts and I was never deathly sick but I was... puny.

I was flat out determined to feel better before Orycon. I sort of felt better. Or at least not worse. Behold the power of denial disguised as positive thinking. The weekend of November 12th we went to Orycon, wore fabulous clothes, heard wonderful stuff and generally enjoyed ourselves. Oh fandom*, never change.

I tired a little more easily than I would have liked but didn't think a lot about it.

Got home and thought a day or two of rest would see me right.

Yeah, no. Not so much. I kept feeling tired and achey and my head hurt and then this cough started and it never got, you know, unbearable so I was treating it with OTC and rest. And after another week or so Himself made me see my doctor.

Sinus infection? Possibly trying to set up a secondary location in my lungs? Really? Oh well, I'll take the antibiotics and it'll start to clear up in a few days. Okay, four days. Maybe five?

Yeah, no. Not so much. So Mike pointed out I was still sick and I was now Not Eating because I felt sick to my stomach and I should call our doctor's office. And I got told to stop taking the antibiotic and they'd call in something else because if it wasn't getting better by now clearly we needed something stronger that might (additional benefit) not make me constantly queasy. And that was where we stood as of the middle of last week.

I can honestly say I started to feel almost like I might someday be human late Saturday. I could do small tasks (plural!) and not need to rest in between. I could concentrate well enough to read for more than ten minutes at a time. I have even begun to wade through my inbox- which is backed up by several weeks and if I owe you something please poke me.

Basically I seem to have misplaced just over 4 weeks. I understand Thanksgiving happened. It's a blur.

I have alarms set to remind me to take my meds every six hours without fail. Because I am done playin' now.

Hi y'all. How's by you?

* The clump of middle aged so Not Fandom guys who stood in the middle of a hall near the bar and made 'clever' remarks about the passing parade of fans, on the other tentacle, can change any damn time now. Unfunny, impolite and unoriginal. My kingdom for a Death Ray. Or the Klingon Diplomatic Corps, I'm not fussy and the end result is the same.

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In light of LJ's recent announcement about joining the Borg- I mean permitting/encouraging crossposting to Facebook and Twitter I feel it's necessary to make a few things clear.

1) NO. I will not be crossing the streams in my own journal and I will not (my hand to Ghod) be crossposting any of my comments to anyone else.

2) Anyone who crossposts their comments from a locked post of mine to another service will recieve an invitation to the world.

3) I feel very strongly that while nothing is ever completely secure on the Intertubes, it would be really really swell if sites did not decide on people's right to basic fucking respect of their boundaries. Being online is not an invitation to the general public to rummage around in my undies drawer.

Given that people frequently use different sites for different aspects of their lives LJ's linking up with Facebook shows an amazing and willful disregard for their users. There are stalkers and Evil Ex-whatevers and bosses with unreasonable interest in their employees personal choices and families who don't know their kid/sister/cousin is gay/writing fanfic/not going to the First Righteous Church anymore.

This is all going to end in tears for more than one person. It further damages the sense of community among LJ's users. It continues the string of clue-impaired decisions by LJ. It feeds and rewards the ongoing erosion of a person's right to control their own information.

Plus it pisses me off. In case anyone couldn't tell. I'll be thinking very seriously of what level of change I'll be making in my use of LJ.

4) I have Dreamwidth codes. Feel free to take one and go look around.













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Dear Faerie Realm,

It was lovely to see you. Let's do it again soon!


Dear family,

It was terrific to see you and walk on the shore and talk and cook and ect ect. Isn't tradition wonderful?


Dear kennel staff,

As always, thank you for taking such good care of our girl. It means a lot to me that
Molly loves going to see you guys.

The Rock Star's Entourage

Dear neighbors,

Thank you for watering our garden while we were gone. Thank you, as well, to the ones
who kept calling the cops on the noisy party house on the corner! The complete lack of
thumping bass line and raucous laughter at 3 AM has not gone unnoticed.


Dear Absentee Landlord of the former party house,

Dude. You rented to a couple of early 20ish kids whose only reference was you knew one of their fathers?
You got multiple calls from neighbors and the cops about noise complaints? You got hit with a very large fine for the nuisance your tenants created? You evicted them and have had to hire someone to fix the various damages done?


The people who won't miss your buddy's kid or her many many friends at all

Dear Arthritic Joints,

Shut. Up. OMG.

No love,

Dear never ending shawl of doom,

Done! Take that!

Person already trawling her yarn stash

Dear Middle Eastern grocery and kebab shop about to open up on the next block,

Welcome to the neighborhood! Can't wait!

Soon to be regular customer

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Originally uploaded by saoba.

Just short of flying.

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Originally uploaded by saoba.

Being Molly is a really hard job.

People make you go to the dog park and play with, like, a blue-meemillion tennis balls and frisbees and people you don't know pet you and the other dogs all run and run with you.

Plus Bentley kept jumping in the water buckets and he doesn't even fit in the buckets and all the people make loud squealing noises when the water goes everywhere. And when they are doing that they aren't throwing tennis balls or petting you and what is up with that?

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The perfume crack is arrived and sniff tested and pronounced yummy.

Seriously love all three, love whichever one I am wearing at any moment the best. So right now it's Isles Of Demons.


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Thursday- Take dog to board. Saw Guthrie Family. Got to be in the room while several Guthries led us in singing 'This Land Is Your Land'. This is one off my Life List, if I had one.

Friday- Loaded an incredible amount of stuff into car. Jumped into car. Jumped out of car while grillghod circled the block to buy a growler of Real Beer.

Met irismoonlight and spartan1986 for some grocery shopping- this will become a theme for the weekend. Went to several stores. Bought an omigawd load of food and booze. Drove to site. Unloaded all of food and equipment into kitchen, personal gear in to cabin. Began prep work. Was reminded why he is called the grill ghod when the kitchen crew's dinner appeared. Made another store run.Lack of certain ingredients meant menu changes.

Wedding day organizer arrived, was helped to unload into cabin.

Went to bed early-ish for the circumstances- that is to say before midnight.

Saturday- Got up. Showered. Ate TJ chocolate croissants. Began all the cooking in the western world. Being kitchen backstop I chopped and prepped and followed behind main cooks while they did major cooking. Somewhere in there we ate... something. I sanitized the food prep counter about one me-million times, all told.

Groom & various relatives and guests begin to arrive. Added 'politely ask people to please not walk through kitchen' to my duties.

Appetizers & finger foods for 110 people are produced, plated, garnished and put out on schedule.

Somewhere in here the bride arrives, along with rest of 110 expected guests in a stream. Begin accepting pot luck offerings which have to be sorted by fridge/no fridge and main course/dessert course. Add Tetris-stacking of things in walk-in fridge to the festivities.

During the lull pre-ceremony, provide the bride with food and bubbly. Ceremony. Guests return and re-attack appetizer table. Between tidy-and-consolidate flurries corner groom and remind him dinner is not for another two hours, send him to get a plate.

Run stuff from walk-in fridge to cooks (one now outside at the grills). Continue as prep aid and backstop. Change duties to include 'politely TELL people to please not walk through kitchen'. Kitchen crew eats somewhere in here, it's a blur.

Help pull/consolidate appetizer table one last time. Begin fielding assorted guests whose pot luck contribution requires use of kitchen space and fitting them in when cooks can spare the counter space.

Help plate and lay out main course table, including pot luck offerings. Take bottles of wine to tables. Make sure the bride and groom got a little of everything they wanted off buffet without having to stand in line again. Take bubbly and sparkling cider to tables, make sure everyone has something to toast with.

Tidy and consolidate food again, help set up cakes and potluck desserts.

Get kitchen in shape to turn over to incoming clean up crew. Begin drinking in earnest, pausing only to help strike tables and chairs in hall. Wander off to bed.

Sunday- awake, showered, packed and off-site by 930. Unload at house. Bring home little dog. Find food. Vegetate.

So, how was your weekend?

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Thanks, y'all.

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This weekend I have

* Weeded the Iris Bed Of Doom. These guys are practically bullet-proof. I'm surprised the weeds dared try to invade.

* Picked up and cut up the pine boughs that wouldn't fit in the yard waste bin last week.

* Done about half a ton of laundry.

* Bought another planter for the porch and put in a pack of bargain bin primroses. If they make it that's fine, if not I'm out two bucks.

* Made a Trader Joe's run.

* Walked nearly 5 miles with Molly.

* Gotten tickets for The Guthrie Family Rides Again.

* Gone to the library.

* Watched some of the the BBC's Peter Wimsey stuff- I didn't think much of the adaptation of Gaudy Night but so many people love that book so much any adaptation is going to fall short.

Also had a date night with Himself- Mexican food and lots of laughing. We amuse the hell out of each other even after more than two decades.

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Have seen Indigo Girls in concert. They still do a most excellent show, even after all these years.

The Guthrie family is coming to Corvallis. I may need to see this show. Arlo is one of the voices of my youth.

Drove to the outlets in Woodburn Sunday, shopped all damn day. Now have four pairs of shoes which fit with my orthotics in. This is, as a certain famous guy would say, a big fucking deal. Size 6, wide width, custom orthotic is evidently not a huge shoe sales demographic. Plus plus also and one pair is actually not a sneaker or running shoe.

Molly is officially a year old. In honor of which we took a 4.8 mile walk to many of her favorite places including three parks. Then she had peanut butter in her Kong and a nap.

Saw my new eye doctor Monday, she seems quite competent. Took delivery on new glasses today which is, like, The Flash level turnaround time.

I am doing Script Frenzy because after several years of luring people into doing Nanowrimo it is my turn to be talked into something. No, I have no idea what I'll be writing. Something will turn up.

grillghod took Molly out the other evening and came back looking bemused. The cows- you remember I mentioned the cows? Wait, let me back up. When I walk Molly I pick the route. When he walks Molly he often lets her lead- and she often takes him to her favorite places on routes she and I walk. So, he took her the other night and they went out past the yappy dogs to the turn to go around the long city block we live on. There's a nice young Golden in a fenced yard there, she likes to stop and say hello.

Then she led him across the street. Since I'd told him about the cows he tried to point out to her that the cows were way far away on the other side of the pasture but they could hang out and look if she liked.

And then the three cows looked around and saw them. Molly wagged her tail and the cows walked over to where they were standing. Two of them put their noses to the fence and touched noses with Molly. grillghod said they were very clearly not interested in him, just greeting the dog.

Yes, my dog makes friends with everyone, why do you ask?

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It has been an eventful few days of walks with Molly.

We have encountered: A dog who was bigger than Molly but shy of other dogs and hid behind its owner (to Molly's bafflement), a dog behind a fence who spent the time we walked past dodging its owner in order to race up and down the fence line barking wildly at us (to his owner's chagrin), a dog who weighed a whopping four pounds and who barked ferociously at Molly (to Molly's bafflement and his owner's chagrin), three cows in a field who were not at all impressed by Molly play bowing and tail wagging, a goat who was impressed at Molly's play bowing and came to the fence to greet us, three separate households who keep chickens (who strangely did not care to play with dogs), a young person barely taller than Molly who was enjoined by his parent to ask in English to pet Molly (and who responded with a burst of Spanish I followed enough of to grin because he wanted to know how Pappi knew the dog didn't speak Spanish) and drum roll please-

A miniature horse. Two blocks from our house someone is keeping a miniature horse. Y'all have never seen anything like the way Molly looked at me. It was the funniest looking dog she had ever seen! And when she play bowed at him he nodded his wee little horsey head and pawed at the ground. They spent several minutes on this kind of exchange before it got windy enough I chivvied her along toward home.

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Here, have a post full of random anecdotes and updating.

* In Trader Joe's the other day. Small boy approached me. Small boy: Do you know where my mom is? Me: No, I'm afraid I don't. Small boy, in a confiding tone: Me neither. (Lost kids, confused elderly folks, persons who do not speak English well- they come to me like I had a sign over my head.) Me: Huh. Well, let's go up to the front of the store and have them call her on the speakers. Small boy, head cocked: How will they know her name? Me: They'll just say that there's a lost kid and the person looking for the kid should come to the counter. Small boy: Okay, that will work pretty good.

* So, our sleepy little town has a Trader Joe's. That means I can now have dark chocolate covered ginger any time I want. Also, they carry these little frozen chocolate croissants you let rise overnight and bake and I may never get over that.

* Miss Molly and I are now walking 2-5 miles a day, depending on my tolerance for the weather. She'll be a year old this month- hardly seems possible.

* Everything in the state appears to be in bloom. It's so fabulous. The drive to Lincoln City Tuesday was full of 'hey, we LIVE here!'.

* grillghod was pining for the fjiords needing a new phone so after some useful and friendly advice from our provider's phone support I ordered the 2 for 1 special on Droids and used his New Every Two Upgrade. Ordering the phones online was painless and they arrived in a timely fashion. Took them to the nearest V*r*z*n store to make sure we got them upgraded and set up properly. Zany Hijinks ensued on a level I found rather croggling. FINALLY the salespersons gave in and called the phone support people and got talked through it. grillghod is very pleased with his phone and I must admit I like mine a lot. I have a portable lightning storm in my phone, y'all.

* The new living room furniture is a great success. Molly knows she isn't supposed to get up on it and every now and then tries to slither up unnoticed. Please note: 70 pounds of dog does not slither very well.

* Bought Molly a new crate. She's taller at the shoulder than Clancy and the extra bit of room seems to make a real difference.

* Had to go off my prescription anti-imflam for a couple of weeks due to stomach pain. I see my doctor middle of April and we will discuss the possibility I have an ulcer. Whee. Meanwhile, I am having it brought home to me that the med was doing more than I thought as the various arthritis pains crop up.

* OTOH the orthotics are making a huge difference. Buying shoes is becoming a PITA but life is full of little trade offs.

* Read Chill by Elizabeth Bear in one gulp. Now that it is settled in my head I want to pull out Dust and read them both again. This can be taken to mean I liked it a lot. The only thing stopping me is most of the books are still packed up from the Great Mildew Incident and I'm sure exactly where the first book is- and I don't want to have to move 90% of the packed up books to get at it.

* Meanwhile I have a new 'leaf through it idly' book and it is making me go o_O all. the. time.

The Woman Beautiful or Maidenhood, Marriage and Maternity was published in 1901. To quote the frontpiece- Containing full information on all the marvelous and complex matters pertaining to women- Including creative science, bearing, nursing, and rearing children; hereditary descent: hints on courtship and marriage; promoting health and beauty, vigor of mind and body, ect., ect. Together with the diseases peculiar to the female sex- their causes, symptoms and treatment- The whole forming a complete medical guide for women by Monfort B. Allen, M.D. and Amelia C. McGregor, M.D. Embellished with many superb colored plates, phototype and wood engravings.

Srsly. I kind of want to inflict this on someone else or several someone elses and watch all the o_O that ensues.

ETA: Found a copy of this in MUCH better condition under it's original title- The Glory of Woman, @ 1896 for sale online and it's $100. My o_O is redoubled.

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1) We have survived the rising damp and mildew issue and not killed anyone. The wall is cleaned, the bookcases are trashed and going away, a sadly large number of books did not make it. But we were Brave Little Toasters and reminded each other that we could get more books and we only discovered the rising damp ect because we were sorting books to decrease number of books/bookcases/make room for more books.

It still kind of sucked. Also, wearing those respirator filter masks? Ugh. Not as ugh as possibly breathing in large amounts of spores but still.

2) Having begun the sorting of the shelves we carried on sorting other shelves and discussed overall paring down of belongings. And then actually done some of that. It all Spring up inside my head, y'all.

3) Speaking of which, 40s and 50s in the daytime and not below freezing at night? Seriously, Oregon, you so crazy. But I like it.

4) Landlord replaced the dead sump pump very promptly and thanked us for letting him know. I go Bwah? but he's apparently had some pretty awful tenants.

5) Dog is home. Dog had good time with her friends at kennel, only there were no dogs her size to play with, just wee little purse dogs. So the staff took turns taking her out in the play yard to race around and find sticks. Dog is now resting. Staff probably is too.

6) Saw an excellent show with a bunch of the cast from String of Pearls.

7) There is new Shadow Unit content* , and OMG. I make the inarticulate hand flail now.

8) New couch and chair being delivered Thursday. There will be major lounging about once the delivery guys are gone.

There was more, but it's gone now.

How are you? Snow-bound friends- I send you warming thoughts. Ill friends- I send you feel better thoughts.


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Sorting bookcases, doing a keep/donate/discard as I go, prepatory to decreasing number of bookcases in order to re-arrange room with New! and Improved! furniture next week.

Snag #1- Very Helpful Little Dog

Snag #2- Vastly underestimated supplies needed for this task.

Snag #3- Mildew, back where we couldn't see it. Gah. Ack.

Solution- Swear. Stop work until Himself gets home, remove Little Dog to vet's for a day or two of doggy camp while I get this sorted and cleaned. While out get many more boxes and cleaning supplies. Come home, drink a tall rum and cola or two and re-start.

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